Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find common questions that many learners ask us about. We are sure you will find lots of useful information, however if you still have any questions please get in touch and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.

What do I need to do before I can start driving?

  • You must apply for a provisional licence. You can do this by submitting an application form D1 and photo card application form D750 (Available from most post offices).
  • The minimum age which you can legally drive a car on the public roads is 17.
  • If you are disabled and in receipt of mobility allowance, the minimum age is 16
  • We advise you have an eyesight test to check that you meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving. You must be able to read a vehicle registration number from 20.5 metres.


My driving lessons


I’m really nervous about starting my driving lessons can you help?

We specialise in nervous drivers. With our experience and expertise we can help you to relax. Rest assured our vehicles are fitted with dual controls so in an emergency we can take control and keep you safe.

How many lessons will it take for me to pass my driving test?

Just as with learning any new skill, each pupil is different and learns at their own pace. We will strive to get you to pass standard as efficiently as possible. In reality we cannot give a set number of hours as it depends on various factors, for example how frequently you take your lessons without a break can dramatically affect how many lessons you take overall. Our quality instruction means you will not be wasting time and money and could reduce the amount of lessons you need. Also we recommend you take private practise if this is possible when you reach an intermediate stage.

Do you monitor my progress and give me feedback?

Yes that’s exactly what we do. We give you a progress card where you will be able to see which subjects you need to cover and how well you are performing in each subject area. Also we will give you verbal feedback at the end of each lesson.

Can I be picked up and dropped off in different areas?

Yes that might be possible if it’s a local address and provided you let us know at the start of the lesson

How frequently can I take lessons and how long is the duration?

You may take lessons as frequently as you like depending on your own availability and how busy we are. We will do our best to accommodate.

How much do driving lessons cost?

Prices vary depending on which course you wish to take but typically priced on our hourly rate. We always ensure we are very competitive on price without compromising on quality. To receive the best possible price we recommend you purchase block of lessons. Also we offer free lessons if you recommend us to friends and family please ask your instructor for more details.
Please take a look at our price page for more information.

Can you tell me more about the intensive driving course?

The intensive course is suitable for some learners who benefit from longer duration lessons and if you require your licence urgently then this would be ideal for you. We advise you take an assessment lesson which last two hours so we can observe you’re driving and recommend how many hours you will need to pass. It is important you understand that intensive courses are not suitable for everyone as some learners have a low concentration span and would benefit more from regular weekly lessons. Learning to drive should not be rushed for the benefit of your own safety and that of other road users.

Is there a charge for cancellations?

If you give 48 hours’ notice prior to the lesson, no cancellation fee will be asked for. This also applies if you cancel the lesson at short notice due to a personal emergency. Otherwise, a cancellation fee will be sought.

Do I get to choose a time slot that is better for me?

We will ask you to indicate a preferred time for your lessons and will try our best to meet your needs but it will depend on our availability and working hours.

Do I need to pass the Theory Test before I can start my driving lessons?

We recommend that some lessons are taken before attempting your theory test, as some of the practical knowledge you learn will be needed to pass your theory test. Please note you must pass the theory test first before booking the practical driving test.

What should I study to pass the Theory Test?

We recommend you register with theory test pro where you can study online. Free for all our learners!

Can a friend or relative teach me how to drive?

The Driving Standards Agency strongly recommends that you take lessons from an Approved Driving Instructor. If your friend or relative teaches you they must be over 21 years of age and have held a Full British Driving Licence for at least 3 years. It’s worthwhile remembering  that learning with a friend or relative means you could pick up their bad habits and ultimately take you longer to pass. However if your taught by a competent and safe driver then generally this can have a positive impact on your progress. We also recommend that you wait until you reach an intermediate level with us first so that you have the correct foundations of driving.

Can’t Find the Answer You Need?

Have a question you can’t find the answer too? No problem! Please get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.





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